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Surrey's Innovation Boulevard

Surrey’s Innovation Boulevard has been setting up partnership with health business, higher education, and government creating new health technologies to improve peoples’ lives. The partnership they setup helps encourage start up companies that invent and innovate health care for the next century. The centre provides much needed funding for these new companies to thrive. Here is an update on two companies that have nurtured under this mentor ship.

Conquer Mobile

Conquer Mobile is an education technology specialist focused on delivering ‘Education as an Experience.

Their software PeriopSim ( is an award-winning simulation training solution for clinicians who need to learn surgical instruments and procedures. The product enables surgical staff to practice safely before surgery. PeriopSim is built on the Experience Platform and is available for both iPad and VR.

HealthTech Connex

HealthTech Connex Inc. is a health technology company working to revolutionize the practice of clinical neuroscience through advanced technologies based on the highest quality science and innovation. HealthTech Connex’s premier focus is on advanced brain technologies, and helping individuals to achieve peak brain performance and guide best possible treatment options for people with devastating brain illness.

Brain Power by NeuroCheck™ ( is a soon-to-be-launched technology product and mobile application developed by HealthTech Connex, Inc. that calculates a person’s Brain Power Score™ for monitoring daily brain status anytime. Brain Power ScoreTM is an effective and objective indicator of brain function, monitoring direct indicators to the brain and behaviour performance, and quantifies key brain-based responses for rapid evaluation of performance, focus, attention, and cognitive processing. It allows people to optimize high performance brain functioning and to achieve the most suitable approach for achieving the best possible life and professional mental capabilities.

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